"Mom, stop. My hair looks fine."

"Well excuse me, but I didn’t think I’d ever get to see you get married. I waited and waited, but nope. You waited until you were both de-"


"Right, sorry. Now come here— your tie is crooked and Amber is waiting for you. You’ve kept her waiting long enough, and you don’t want to make her wait any longer."


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okay? okay { Zamber }


Amber had had more than enough to imagine what the other side would be like and what would happened when her paths once again crossed with the people who had already passed, but no number of mental scenarios had prepared her to actually be face to face with the man in front of her. Half of her heart felt an overwhelming joy. Where they were and how they both ended up there seemed not to matter, and all she wanted to do was jump into his arms and never let go, because they were together. The other half though, consumed her with a guilt that had her swallowing hard. She had ignored the fact while she was alive but now, looking into his vibrant green eyes, she was reminded that the entire time she was falling for Daniel there was someone above watching, presumably with a heavy heart. Zach and Amber never really had an ending, no break up or bad ending to their love. They were just seperated, taken from each other without any warning or form of closure. That overriding guilt kept her standing still where she was, pursing her lips and struggling not to look at the ground in shame.

She smiled softly at his words, and as soon as she felt his arms around her she gripped on tightly, burying her face into his chest for what felt like the longest time, yet not long enough before she forced herself to pull away to speak. “You talk a lot.” she complained, but a grin still etched onto her face. “I missed you too, kid.” She took a minute to get serious, placing her hand lightly on the side of his face and stroking his cheek with his thumb. She felt on the verge of tears as she croaked out an “I’m sorry.” and once she said it, she couldn’t seem to stop. One apology after another, each making her more emotional, spilled out.

While watching Amber be with another man hurt him, he knew it had been for the best. Daniel made her happy, and for that he was extremely grateful. It made him sad that he and Amber never really had a chance to make their own life together. He had been off on that stupid trip that was geared towards finding out more about his family and everything, but it ended up getting him killed. Now that he looked back at it, though, he wasn’t sure if he would change the fact that he had died. Sure, it would mean that he and Amber would have been together for a little longer, but it would also mean that Amber would have left him in a few months. Now they had eternity to bicker and hate each other all they wanted. “I do talk a lot— you’ve known this for a really long time.” He felt empty when they weren’t hugging, and that was putting it lightly. Zach smiled when she said that she had missed him too, but that smile immediately disappeared when she began to apologize for everything. 

Zach frowned, “Amber, don’t you dare. Don’t you dare apologize for anything. You haven’t done anything wrong. You’ve never done anything wrong. Amber, I’ve missed you a lot, but seeing you with someone that made you happy made me happy. Seeing you try to push through everything, even when you knew that you weren’t going to make it, made me happy. You’ve always been an extremely strong person, and I’ve always admired that.” Zach cupped her face with his hands, leaning his forehead against hers. “You haven’t done anything wrong. And even though you’ve moved on and we haven’t been together, that doesn’t change the fact that I’m so incredibly in love with you.”

okay? okay { Zamber }

He didn’t really know what he was expecting. He didn’t know if he had expected to see someone completely different, or just someone who looked a lot more run down than she did. That was a quality in Amber that Zach had always remembered— she was strong, and she had held on until the very last moment. For a few moments, he just stood there with his hands tucked into his pockets and his bottom lip between his teeth. When he had found out that Amber was sick, he couldn’t control his emotions, and he remembered complaining that they didn’t have the right to take away life from someone so full of spirit and someone who had their whole life ahead of them. Zach sucked in a breath before making his way over to the newly-deceased wolf, mustering the smallest of smiles. He didn’t know what he was going to say, if he was even going to say anything at all. He wanted to pull her in for a hug, tell her over and over again that he was sorry that this happened to her, but Zach didn’t know if that was what she needed. 

"I know my words don’t mean anything, but I want you to know that you didn’t deserve this, Amber. You deserved to live the longest, happiest life that anyone could have ever lived. If there was a way to send you back, I would fight tooth and nail to gain you that relief—" He paused, hesitantly stepped forward and wrapping his arms around her, relaxing at the comfortable position. "I missed you, Am."

{ Zamber } *FLASHBACK*


Though Amber wasn’t the least bit surprised when he pulled her in, she still felt the same rush she always did when he touched her. She would never admit it, not even to him, but when she was grateful to have someone who was constantly trying to protect her, regardless of the fact that she could handle herself just fine. In his arms, she felt safer than she did anywhere else. She played all of this off though, giving a small laugh at his reaction and trying to hold in her smile. “Awe,but I love you so-so-so much.” She replied, breaking each ‘so’ with a small kiss against his lips. As she finished her sentence she tapped his nose with her finger, pulling herself away to turn towards the water. Her heart sped up as she looked down to the crashing waves far, far below the cliff. She swallowed any regrets away, unwilling to give Zach something to tease her about. Even with him, she couldn’t help but put on her fearless act now and again. She began stripping her clothes off, taking her time as she was sure Zach was watching.  As she finally peeled off her shirt she tossed it his direction, “Your turn, hot-head.” she teased, smirking.

Amber was Zach’s entire world, and he worried about her greatly. If something happened to Amber, whether or not it was in Zach’s jurisdiction of control, he would blame himself ten times over. Even when she was just goofing around, he still worried about her safety, always thinking of improbable situations as the last resorts. He let out a loud huff, slightly annoyed that Amber would do something like that, but he broke out into a major grin as she leaned in repeatedly, pecking his lips softly. “I love you too but I swear to god you’re going to kill me with worry.” He could tell that she was slightly scared about the whole thing. Zach fully understood why, too, because the water wasn’t its normal crystal blue, and instead it was dark and hid all of the rocks beneath its surface. It was rather terrifying, really, to think that a one meter difference could be the difference between a coma and an adrenaline rush. He couldn’t help his wandering eyes as she slowly took her clothes off, and smirked as she threw her shirt at him. Zach stuck out his tongue, dropping her shirt onto the rocks next to him and grabbed onto his own t-shirt, pulling it over his head and dropping it as well. “You scared?”

{ Zamber } *FLASHBACK*


Amber scoffed, holding in a smile as she watched the boy rush out of the car and up the rocks like a child on Christmas. “Who you calling slowpoke, poophead?!” she hollered back, grinning at their childish banter. She attempted to follow the path of the boy but at a much slower pace,  watching her foot placement carefully. It was obvious to her that this was familiar ground to him, but she was a new to it. She met him at the top,  grabbing his hand gratefully. “Thank you kind sir”, she gave a small courtesy before smiling up at him. She rolled her eyes at his warning, a reaction he was more than accustomed to. Amber took a small step to the right and in that step, faking a stumble just to see his reaction.

"You sound like a two year old, babe." He grinned at her, returning the smile that he spotted her wearing. That’s what he loved most about her— her ability to smile and throw jokes around like it was nothing. There was rarely a time where she was absolutely serious and pissed at him, and for that Zach was grateful. He didn’t think that he could handle her being mad at him again, as the mere memory of her refusal to talk to him for two months still hurt. The boy let out a loud sigh or relief as she grabbed onto his hand, another smile spreading across his face. "You’re very welcome, m’lady." At her curtsy, Zach bowed, laughing as he straightened out again. However, his laughing ceased as quickly as it had started, and he made a startled move towards Amber, quickly wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her towards him. "I really hate you sometimes."

{ Zamber } *FLASHBACK*

"Come on, slowpoke!" Zach called as he clambered up the rocks, occasionally squinting his eyes as the salt water was tossed up into his face. He honestly didn’t know how he had managed to get Amber to agree to this, the idea of her going cliff jumping was absolutely ridiculous, but the fact that she was willing to give it a try was ample enough to make him usher her into the car as fast as he possibly could and drive them down to the beach. On top of the rocks, Zach didn’t have to really worry about footing, as he had been here many times with Griffin, and knew almost every groove or shift in rock face that there was to know, his main concern at this point in time was Amber. As he stood there, offering a hand to her, Zach kept an eye as to where she was placing her feet, more than slightly afraid she would lose her balance and go toppling onto the rocks that lay just below the surface. "Please be careful," He called again, his statement greatly contradicting his previous one about hurrying up. "I don’t want you falling."

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Day Thirty-One: Your class song (or what you want your class song to be).

Pretty sure this was every class’s “song”.

But alas, I love this song anyways, even when I’m not graduating, so there.

Letter to Zacharius Theodori 2/23/17

I did not know that it was possible for someone to be awkward in writing, but thank you Zach, for proving me wrong once again.

I’m shaking as I write this, and if it turns out tear stained know that they were happy ones. We are not probable, the chances of us ever having anything was so slim. You were a flirt who loved to mess around, a player. I was an immature little girl that thought she knew what love was, and didn’t want any part of it. We were just teenagers fighting for our lives because of who we are inside, and now we’re young adults fighting for a life together, forever. Funny how that works, huh. You were and always will be a persistent little shit….but I suppose if you weren’t we wouldn’t be where we are today. Thank you for fighting for us, for me. Rather than making you go through this painful process again, I am surrendering myself over to you because we all know it’ll happen eventually, right?

You are the love and light of my life, and I can think of nothing better than spending the rest of my days with you as Mrs. Zacharius Theodori. Get home so we can get to planning soon, kid.

     Zacharius Theodori -- July 22nd 1788 to February 21st 2017